About us

«ELTO Energy systems» LLP is the domestic producers of electrical products in the energy market of Kazakhstan. Today it is one of the leading companies in the energy marked of Kazakhstan. To date, the plant has reached a new stage of development: more than 70% of technological equipment was replaced by modern control software, allowing application of a progressive technology of production, to master more than two hundred new kinds of products.

Over the years, our supports and spotlight masts were installed in all regional centers and major cities, thousands of energy facilities of Kazakhstan and CIS countries are equipped with our products.

At the moment there are about four types of products for electrical purposes in main areas:

  • Lighting equipment: mast and lighting poles, lamps for outdoor and indoor operation, supports for high voltage lines, contact network supports, power supports and surveillance supports.
  • Electrical products: whole range of products for convenient and high-quality installation of electrical equipment and cable lines.
  • Electrical equipment: various equipment for the main step-down/distribution substations and offices, cabinets, control and protection, loads circuit breakers and switches.
  • Road fence of barrier and cable types.
  • Led lighting.

The main priority for our team is to establish the kind of relation with our partners that will best meet the expectations of both parties.